Who we Are.


We are a Non-profit group of ice oval snowmobile racers aged 4 to 14. We offer 9classes with everything from Kitty Cat to mod 120 cc sleds and Briggs 206 cc race sleds.  If you have a sled that you are not sure of where it fits, just ask.

We do follow the ISR Rulebook (www.isrracing.org) or check out the "Racing Rules" on the top of the page, so please read the related section for your classes. If you have any questions, please call or text for more information.

We race 5 sleds at a time, with 3 lap heat races and 5 lap finals. Top 3 finishers get trophies.   Beginner 120 classes – each entrant gets a trophy.




Kitty Cat

Heavy Mod Kitty Cat

Beginner 120 (First year racers)

Stock 120 (6850 RPM limit)

Girls Stock 120 (6850 RPM limit)

Super Stock 120 (6850 RPM limit)

Improved 120 (6850 RPM limit)

Briggs Pro 206 (6150 RPM limit)

Open 206 (6150 RPM limit)

Some classes have age limits, and all racers must prove they are safe before moving into higher classes.  You can run a lower sled in a higher class provided you can stay on the lead lap, but not a higher sled in a lower class. If a racer wins 4 times in Beginner in 1 season, they must move up to Stock. If you win Stock Year End points, you will need to move up next year.

Racing costs


We do have a loaner sled for families to try, but you must pre-register and must prove the driver is safe before racing. It is set up as a Stock sled, so it won’t go fast. It is free to use the sled, all you need is to rent a bib and tek vest and pay for class entry fees.

Pay only $250 per racer for all entries for the ENTIRE season, including insurance!

If you do not want to race the entire season, there is a cost of $25.00 per class per racing weekend.  This includes insurance.

There are MMSRA Bib Numbers for sale at $20.00 each.  You need a number to race. If you have a race bib from another group, you can use that, but we prefer you using MMSRA bibs.

There is also tech vests for sale or use.  There will be a $50.00 deposit for the tech vests that is refundable at the end of the race day.




  What do we need to race?

       Each racer must pre-register at least 1 week in advance or on race day. If there are not 3 different sleds in a class on the Sunday before the race, we will notify them as we need at least 3 different sleds in order to run that class. Each racer needs a mechanically sound sled, which the Tech Director will be happy to help you with. Depending on the class, some kids can share the same sled in the same class, if there are enough sleds to have in different heats. Each racer will need a Tek Vest, knee/shin guards, elbow pads, modern helmet (preferably Snell) warm gloves, sturdy boots, and warm jacket. They will also need a race bib and number. If you have a bib from a different club, you are allowed to use it, but we prefer you have a MMSRA bib. Numbers are allocated first come first served.

 Can we try racing before we register to race?

 Of course! We have a loaner sled available for you to try racing, but you need to let us know before. We can try to get you in on race day, but it would be better if you join us on a test and tune day. 

 How do we set up for ice racing?

 We will be more than happy to help you set up your sled at a practice, so don’t forget to pre-register. If you are setting up your own sled, you will want to limit the travel in both front and rear suspension, but must have a minimum of 1/2″ of travel with rider on. We recommend 4″-6″ carbides. The options for studs are great, so it is up to you how you want to do it, and we will be more than happy to help with that. The studs cannot be higher than 3/8″ above the lug.
Ice screws are allowed in all classes, but will only work by themselves for the Kitty Cat, Beginner 120, and  Stock 120 classes. You can run with studs and ice screws on the same track if you so desire. The tunnel must have an enclosure at the back to help prevent skis, arms and legs getting in there if you are running studs. The enclosure must be made of the same type (or stronger) material as the tunnel. If you need help, one of our racers can make one for you for a very reasonable fee. We have some good used parts available if you want to try it, but don’t want to invest in all new parts. 

Where are the rules?

 For the online version of all the rules, go to www.isrracing.org or go to the top of the page and check out "Racing Rules". All clubs will be using the same rules and offer the same classes. ` The only addition to the MMSRA Rules is that the classes Stock 120, Super Stock 120, Girls 120, Improved 120 are aloud to run a modified exhaust.  The Beginner 120 and Kitty Cat have to run stock exhausts.