2019 drivers competition license now available.  This is a must have if you are planning on competing in the USA.  Not required for racing in Canada, But we recommend that each driver applies for one.

Click on the link below. Fill in the fields and select youth racing.  Kitty Kat annual License.    

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Basic Age Requirements:

Kitty Cat / Ages 4 - 14

Heavy Mod Kitty Cat / Ages 4-14

Beginner 120 / Ages 4 and Up / First Time Racers

Stock 120 / ages 4 - 14

Super Stock 120 / Ages 5 - 14 plus 1 yr. race experience

Girls 120 / Ages 5 - 14 plus 1 yr. race experience 

Improved 120 / Ages 6 - 14 plus 1 yr. race experience

Pro 206 / Ages 7 - 14 plus 1 yr. race experience

Open 206 / Ages 7 -14 plus 1 yr. race experience

Mandatory requirements


 • Helmet with eye protection (goggle or face shield); helmet must be at least 75% orange

• Upper body protector ("Tek Vest")

• Shin guards that extend over the knee (Dirt Bike, Hockey type shinguards under their snowpants).  Elbow pads are required.

• Absolutely no orange allowed on the snowmobile (orange only on the driver)

• Brake on the snowmobile must be functional

• Non-OEM or modified bumpers must be padded

• Skis must have ski loops

• Tether switch on the snowmobile must be functional and connected to the driver when on the snowmobile

• Taillight must be illuminated at all times when on the track. This is due to if the engine stalls, the taillight goes out. This rule requires a secondary battery operated taillight to be added. Most everybody uses a simple bicycle taillight for this purpose.

• It will also be necessary (but not technically required) that you are using studs and carbides. We race on glare ice and traction is VERY important.

• ALL STOCK 120 RACERS** An ISR LEGAL REV LIMITER IS REQUIRED. For the 2017 race season. The ISR REQUIRES a Rev Limiter in all 120 stock class racing. This rule was put into place to equalize the engines RPM's between brands. 6850 RPM will be the limit setting. This was a long time request by many of the 120 racing groups and was a combined effort with the manufactures and the ISR in order to create a fair playing field for all racers. The Rev Limiter will be powered by a 9 volt battery and a simple 3 wire hook up. These can be purchased at recmotor.com

• OPTIONAL SAFETY GEAR includes Motocross type neck support (for faster classes)

Super Stock Update

Just to be clear on the gears for the super stock class.

Drive gear is a 10 tooth using a 40 or 420 chain.

Driven sprocket on the Arctic Cat and Yamaha is a 32 tooth sprocket using a 40 or 420 chain.

Driven sprocket on the Polaris and Ski Doo is a 32 tooth sprocket using a 40 or 420 chain.

This class is only to use 40 or 420 chain.

Make sure that the weights/wedges are the larger 62 gram not the smaller 42 gram.

Must use the green spring.

This has been brought to my attention because the rules for super stock are not in the ISR Rulebook for 2018.


Here are the rules for the Briggs and Stratton 206 Classes: